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Specification Sheet


Product Description: Great Choice Brand Whole Kernal Corn #300

Product Code: H8207-005

Ingredient Statement: Sweet corn, water, salt, citric acid

Finished Product Attributes: Net Weight: 425g Drained Weight: 230g. Appearance: Characteristic of Sweet Corn. Color: Typical of sweet corn. Flavor: Typical of sweet corn. Odor: Typical of sweet corn, no abnormal odors. Foreign Matter: nil. Broken: 3%. Seeds: nil. Vacuum: 15mm +/-3mm mercury. Brix: above 5% PH: 5.5-6.5 Colorings added: nil. Flavorings, fruit essences: nil. GM Status: GM-free Shelf Life: In room temperature. Keep in cool and dry place unopened 36 months

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