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Specification Sheet


Product Description: Our House Brand Diced Peaches in Light Syrup #10

HWF Product Code: H5673

Style Description: Diced peaches in light syrup are prepared from Yellow Clingstone peach varieties picked at the peak of freshness. They possess fairly-good peach color, uniform texture and a sweet pleasing flavor.

Ingredient Statement: Peaches, water, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar.

Finished Product Attributes
Style: Diced in Light Syrup
Net Weight: 6 Lbs 10 Ozs
Metric Weight: 3.01 kg
Fill Weight: 77.0
Drain Weight: 70.0 Ozs
Dice Size: 9/16" - 5/8"
Fruit BRIX: 10.0 - 11.0 Degrees
Finished BRIX: 14 degrees minimum
Flavor: Sweet with a pleasing peach flavor and odor.

Claims - Kosher - Notes
- OU Kosher
- 36 Months Shelf Life
- Gluten Free, Fat Free


Packing & Weights
Pack Type: #6/10 Can
Weight per Can: 7.40 lbs
Units per Case: 6
Weight per Case: 45.38 lbs

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