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Specification Sheet


Product Description: Our House Brand Pear Halves in Light Syrup #10

Product Code: H5769

Style Description: Choice pear halves in light syrup shall be from the Bartlett pear variety. They possess an excellent white pear color and tender texture. They are reasonably free of defects and practically free of harmless extraneous plant material.

Ingredient Statement: Pears, water, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar

Finished Product Attributes: Size: Foodservice #10 Style: Halves
Net Weight: 6lbs 10 Ozs, 106 Ozs, 2.98kg
Fill Weight: 70.0 Drain Weight: 65.5
Fruit Brix: 11.5o – 12.0o Finished Brix: 14.0o Flavor and Odor: Sweet with a pleasing pear flavor and odor


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