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Specification Sheet


Product Description: Our House Brand Unsweetened Applesauce #10

Product Code: H5148 -027

Style Description: Applesauce is made from a blend of apples grown in the fertile apple orchards of Washington.

Ingredient Statement: Apples, Water

Finished Product Attributes: Net Weight: 108 Ozs (6lbs, 8 Ozs) Degrees BRIX: 9o Flow: <6.5 CM1 Flavor & Odor: Normal for
unsweetened applesauce with a natural sugar/acid ratio
Color: Bright, typical of apples Finish: Finish is evenly divided, not lumpy, pasty or salvy
Sterility: Commercially Sterile

• Kosher OU
• 36 Month Shelf Life
• A fat free food
• Allergen & Gluten Free Food


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