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Specification Sheet


Product Description: Great Choice Brand Diced Tomatoes in Juice #10

Product Code: H6122-001

Style Description: Diced tomatoes in juice shall be prepared from tomato varieties that have been washed, hand sorted for quality and peeled. Salt, citric acid and calcium chloride are added. Topping juice made from fresh tomatoes is used as a packing medium. The containers are cooked to ensure sterility then cooled prior to stacking. The finished item has the type character associated with that of properly processed diced tomatoes. Dices are adequately firm, have a bright red color and are practically free from extraneous plant material and objectionable defects.

Ingredient Statement: Tomatoes, tomato juice, salt calcium chloride, citric acid

Finished Product Attributes: Size: Foodservice #10 Net Weight: 6lbs 6 ozs (2.89kg) Drain Weight: 75 ozs Dice Size: 1"x1"x1" %Salt Range: 0.6 - 0.8% pH: 4.1 - 4.4 Flavor and Odor: Normal Shelf Life and Storage: 36 months at ambient. Do not freeze.

Claims and Wellness Notes: Good source of Vitamins A. Excellent source of Vitamin C


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